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    help my druid friend please!!

    In our 3s team we have a Druid / Elemental Shaman / Arms Warrior. The Druid wants to go with a Hybrid build Balance / Restoration. How do you think this will work? He will not get Boomkin form in Balance and will go to Swiftmend and NS in the Restoration tree.

    I don’t know much about Druids and interested to know if this is wise? Anyone use this build? And what build is best for the 3s teams and still allow him to have fun in BGs blowing chit up?

    Thank you in advance for your help.

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    Re: help my druid friend please!!

    If it's going to be a 1H2D team, your Druid buddy will have to be 8/11/42 in order to maximize his effectiveness. Anything different from 8/11/42 (Just enough balance to get nature's grasp really and enough Feral to get Charge & Imp Bash) and you're asking for trouble.

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    Re: help my druid friend please!!

    the druid can't be concentrating on dps aswell... he has to concentrate on his own survival and healing himself + you lot, tell him to stay resto
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    Re: help my druid friend please!!

    8/11/42 or GTFO out of Arena, plain and simple. It's cookie-cutter for a reason, and it allows everything a Druid can need in Arena. Nature's Grasp to get away from pesky Rogues and Warriors (and Felhunters as the case may be), and Charge/Imp Bash to completely lock down a Paladin healer after the Cyclone DR.

    Do yourself a serious favor and just tell your friend to copy an 8/11/42 spec. Yeah he won't be able to "blow chit up" in BGs, but who the flux cares about BGs in reality? They're for farming honor to get offset epics for what? That's right, for Arena.

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