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    What happened to tier 5 weapons?? Boub?

    Hey i know a while back pre realease of BT and hyjal there was a big hype about tier 5 weapons that looked like the sets. I think most of us speculated that they would drop in BT and hyjal off those bosses since the SSC/the eye loot was already posted and known. What ever happened to those? Maybe im just dumb and haven't looked up on it, i think i recall a couple of them dropping, pally mace, druid staff and such, but what about those sick fist weapons for the shaman and such?

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    Re: What happened to tier 5 weapons?? Boub?

    Warriors, mages, rogues, shamans, and hunters weapon models aren't in any dbc for the moment (except if it was added lately), which means that they're just not in game.

    Zul'aman if we're lucky.

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    Re: What happened to tier 5 weapons?? Boub?

    Thanks for the quick response. I'll keep hoping for those shaman weapons... /drool they looked so cool. Keep up the work on the great site Boubouille ;D ;D ;D

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