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    World PVP ideas needed.

    I just started a new Horde, level 70, PVP only guild and it is based on World PVP. I am looking for new and fun ideas for events to keep thing interesting. The people in this guild are grinding PVP gear to use on farmers, grinders, and raiders as well as BGs and Arenas. The plan is to spend our time in group PVP in all its forms and that means world PVP too.

    Any ideas you all have would be great for fun world targets. We are only 3 days old as a guild and very small ATM 15 accounts but we have people inquiring daily and the people we have now are all old friends. ATM I am looking for ideas based on 5-15 players Raid groups with world targets.

    Friday we are taking a boat like old school pre BC. I need interesting ideas to make a name on my server and I believe there is a niche for this kind of guild. With your help I feel this can succeed. We want our guild to be hated by Alliance.

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    Re: World PVP ideas needed.

    Name yourselves Tiny Genitalia Emos.

    Invade Ironforge.

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    Re: World PVP ideas needed.

    With a group of 10-15, send 3-5 players attack the guards of IF (or duel the players there) when the alliance FINALLY starts killing, Get the others of your raid to heal those on the spot, and kill the rest, this should start a bit of fun (it also works just about anywhere with high concentration of alliance). Also for this, preferable sent the players that cannot 'hide' stealth mainly) first... a Tauren hiding behind a tree is not the most discreet thing...

    Another idea is to start killing players in cities like Area 52 (not very original I kow, but it can become a lot of fun at peak hours) farming places in Shadowmoon, Blade Edge Moutains and Skettis are good to world pvp in too ;-)

    My 2 cents (not that original, but it usually works)
    I'm usually at the other end of that fireball you just got in your face ;-)

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    Re: World PVP ideas needed.

    As attractive a name that is, we will have to pass. We have a name, after having our first choice removed by Blizzard. <WE EAT BABIES> apparently is offensive to someone . In any case we have a new name and are not looking for any new ideas for names.

    Iron Forge is a great Raid and we have done it with larger numbers. As I stated we have a raid of 5-15 ATM and are looking for a smaller target. We do plan on have the numbers in the near future though.

    One more point I would like to share is we are obviously on a PVP server so unlike a blue server, everyone understands they will be attacked at any time. That’s the fun of being on a PVP server. We are here to make their dreams come true .

    We are looking for ideas with a target and how to accomplish the task. i.e. attacking Honor Hold in Hellfire. We were able to bring a small force into this target though a hole in the wall on the north side of the hold. Used a couple ranged to pull 2-3 guards on the right and now its open season on PCs in there city. We found it best to try and pull the Alliance outside to avoid Agro’ing the patrols. The battle quickly turned into 8 Alli VS. 5 Horde and was a great time for about 45 minutes. Then it was off to a summoning stone for some Anti-progression work.

    good stuff Juju. keep em coming.

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    Re: World PVP ideas needed.

    Heh, thx, also, one thing I do in group world pvp (but no one needs to share my views) is, as much fun as it is, I don't want to spoil other people's fun, so if I see 3-4x people trying to kill an elite... I let them, once they re done, and drank and healed I kill (or try to at least) them, more honor, more fun, more respect from others (I never found pounding on one guy with the help of 20 other friends very rewarding anyways)
    Honor Hold sounds like it could be fun, but you won't find THAT many 70's (and I imagine that's what you're after), so I would keep that idea and switch Honor Hold for Alli towns with higher lvl players (it s not like they give you honor worth the effort before lvl 67 anyways).

    FYI, I used to do this a while ago, but I guess the habit got lost when most of my guild started raiding hardcore (playing less the rest of the time)... I just might follow your example, and take the fight up again, but in my case, I will be slauthering horde players ;-)
    I'm usually at the other end of that fireball you just got in your face ;-)

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    Re: World PVP ideas needed.

    World PvP 101:

    In my experience, the best way to start up some world PvP is gank. PvP in a high populated area where people are grinding / doing dailies, so that once they get sick of you, they can group up, then you are in for some good action. Skettis, BEM, and even elemental plateau to an extent are good places to try and start something. However, in my experience, the best place to try this is the Netherwing mines. Everyone there has their epic mount, and therefore, probably has some decent gear / put some time into the game.

    Also, be aware of who you are ganking, if it's some bloke in greens who logs on once a week, it's probably not likely that he will call his mates to back him up. The juiciest targets are progressing PvE guilds - they aren't used to loosing, and will generally keep coming back till they get you.

    Anyway, I'm not just a serial ganker, I do enjoy the odd trip to IF or Stormwind. Do not forget Halaa though. You can have quite a good time defending it. You have got to be careful, not to invite too many randoms, as if you start to outnumber the enemy, it's very easy for them to give up. I have a couple of mates in PvP guilds that keep an eye on Halaa PvP, we just keep each other up to date. 5 of us is generally enough to stop most pugs, and inviting any more always seems to stop the fun before it starts.

    We've tried organising raid v raid pvp on the weekend. Ended up with about 80v80, and all we accomplished was to crash the server. A group of 2 or 3 is plenty to start something up, and I've never really had any fun with more than 5.

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    Re: World PVP ideas needed.

    Are you from Barthilas? I remember seeing <WE EAT BABIES> around somewhere. If so, I don't fancy your chances of getting much good world pvp going, as the server population seems to be a bit horde-heavy. Added to that there isn't too many hard-core pvp alliance on the server, so ultimately you'll end up ganking pve'ers.

    While the idea sounds fun, don't u think it'll get old quick? Really isn't enough support in the game for world pvp imo - Blizz seems to have quashed it in any real "free-form" sense. All I can see this ending up as is just another horde raid to repeatedly gank and camp a token few allies (sure it goes both ways, but on Barth world pvp aint fun for alli because of the zerg).

    Anyway, good luck with this. If you are on Barth, and I see you, I'll make an effort to stop and have a few rounds with ya. Just please don't form a raid vs me, I'll just log

    Sune - Barthilas

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    Re: World PVP ideas needed.

    Post on the forums for your realm your having a funeral in a contested area for somebody and just wait for the alliance to show up.
    and then he cupped my balls...

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    Re: World PVP ideas needed.

    dueling tournament once a month, 500g prize, warlocks are not allowed to use healthstones, apart from that, arena rules apply

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    Re: World PVP ideas needed.

    Quote Originally Posted by Coconuter
    Post on the forums for your realm your having a funeral in a contested area for somebody and just wait for the alliance to show up.
    Hahahaha, I loved that video
    I'm usually at the other end of that fireball you just got in your face ;-)

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    Re: World PVP ideas needed.

    Now that is some real helpful stuff man. Some of it we already practice but I particularly like the stuff about paying attention to who we are ganking. Also, good stuff about not out numbering the enemy too much.

    Thank you all for your in-put and hope we can add more. I will drop in from time to time and let you all know how we are doing and what cool stuff we come up with.

    Primary targets are big name PVEers. Anti-progression FTW.

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    Re: World PVP ideas needed.

    Quote Originally Posted by Time
    Anti-progression FTW.
    that'd the spirit!

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    Re: World PVP ideas needed.

    Last night 7 of us raided honor hold. We broke in through a hole in the north wall took out all guards and patrols we could find. Killed a few Alliance and made our way to the Inn and cleared that out. After taking out the flight master we found an elite near by to kill. After about 30 minutes of owning wave after wave of guards and more and more Alliance coming we had to make a tactical retreat. We lost a couple guys per the number of level 70 players coming in to fight us.

    So we found a safe place to freshen up then we landed on the roof of a Keep next to their GY. We took out a few low level guards and descend the stair to clear the keep only to find a large number of Alliance players waiting in the court yard for us. Don’t think they expected us to come from inside their keep so we rocked them hard for a while. We were pushed back to the keep and tried to hold our ground at the door to the keep. Well…. With the patrols and repops along with a number of Alliance we could not get out of combat to replenish our mana. We were finally driven from the city after being LOL and spit at. Best part is we owned the town for over an hour and a half. So yes, there were many level 70s some even have PVP gear.

    We had a blast everyone had fun and felt satisfaction for our minor accomplishment. True honor hold is not a world 1st or even a difficult town to raid but we are a new guild and built a lot of chemistry, bonding, trust, and coordination with this guild 1st. tonight we are taking an Alliance boat in the old world. So if you hear in you local defense channel of attacks on old world transports. It just may be us having some fun at your expense. We plan to ramp up our targets as we get better and grow in numbers.

    Wish us luck!! And bring me some more ideas and strategies for taking targets with 5-15 player raids. Anti-progression FTW.

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    Re: World PVP ideas needed.

    Taking the boat from Wetlands to (zone slips my mind) Onyxia Zone, was not as fun as it used to be. the boat had little traffic and the Keep in the Wet lands folded up like a tent to a group of 10 of us. Until we split up to much and finally overrun by NPCs. No real Allinace resistance and those who did show and were 70 ran off.

    Well new target tonight.

    Still looking for new and interesting ideas.

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    Re: World PVP ideas needed.

    Your highest chance (as it's been said) is to go where people gather for instances etc. Duswood at kara time can be a good one, or even the summoning stone in front of kara. It's easier to fight people as they quicly realise that they won't get into kara by stealth since they need to open the door (even if it's possible to res between the door and the instance most of them will be alive at first). However, no matter which spot you pick, people will eventually group up into massive groups to kill you, that's when you move onto another spot and keep the fun going
    one thing that always works (but you get a lot of alli fast, sometimes too many too fast) is attacking IF from the tram, it's a classic, and IF always has a good number of nostalgic people that hang around there for bg's, the AH etc.

    (as for the boat, I wouldn't have expected it to be all that fun, not that many people use it nowadays.)
    I'm usually at the other end of that fireball you just got in your face ;-)

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