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    Pitbull Questions

    I somehow disabled the player icon while messing around with the fuctions of pitbull. For some reason I can't figure out how to bring it back. The menu shows that all I have to do is click on it to bring it back but when I do nothing happens, anyone know what to do?

    Also the portraits that you can use for some reason when I target something there is a small full size figure behind the face of the portrait. Anyone know how it remove the full size figure so all that is seen is the face portrait? Thanks for any help you can provide.

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    Re: Pitbull Questions

    Damn I hate helpin from work. :/
    One of the top options let's you add/remove which unit frame do you want to have onscreen. If that doesn't work you've probably made it hidden/fading out by mistake. There's also the possibility that you've dragged it outside the screen. Try and default the settings.

    About the portraits, try and change it to face, then to body again and it should overwrite the settings. If it doesn't work, it's time to delete the pitbull WTF files and install a fresh copy. If you've copied a new version over an old one... not only the mistakes you see are happening but a lot of stuff that is screwen with your frames right now. Everytime you update an addon, first delete the old WTF files. It's not that hard to reconfigure once you know what you want. Except may be with Discord. :]

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    Re: Pitbull Questions

    I'll try that with the portraits, but with the unit frames they are already locked so they don't go outside the screen. I've tried resetting to default but it's still missing. Each one of the unit frames that I disabled are still disabled when I reset it. Think I'll just remove the whole thing and reinstall it all over again. You're right it is easy to reconfigure once you know what you want.

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    Re: Pitbull Questions

    Okay, I went ahead and removed the old pitbull and installed a newer version. On my main everything looks fine, but on my alt the full body picture of him is on the right side when I click a target and the head shot is on the player one on the left side. And get this the protrait on the menu isn't even clicked. How do I remove the wtf files from just the alt so I can actually start it over?

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    Re: Pitbull Questions

    ..World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\accname\realmname\altname\SavedVariables

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