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    What exactly does eePanels do? A friend of mine recommended it, I DLed it, and just kinda not really sure what to do with it =P. Maybe I am stupid.

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    You can create background boxes with it to make your UI look cleaner (or more cluttered!) and move your unit frames, chat boxes and other things over it. Basically, it's a UI enhancement feature that does nothing but create nifty boxes that you can do basically anything with if you know how to use it.

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    see the boxes around the chat/mini map.
    The border around the Fu bar panel.
    The border around the action bars.

    Thats eePanels. (the bottom fading edge boxes are sorta advanced, and a pain in the arse to make, but ya.)

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    Re: eePanels

    Meh...the complexity to usefulness ratio doesn't seem to add up for me, I am sure it can do nifty things, but it doesn't seem to nifty to the point where its a must have for me =(.

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