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    Quest log and more

    Is there any way that can show me the pattern's ( as tailor) that I have in my char when I am offline or how can I see what quest's I have atm?

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    Re: Quest log and more

    Back when I first started playing, I used the Allakhazam updater (which you run as an Addon) which kept all the information about your player profile, and updated the Allakhazam site with that information.

    When the armory came out, that pretty much replaced the need for these kinds of updater addons, as all the character info was pulled straight out of Blizz's own DB and presented via the armory ... but ... Along with Character profile info, Allakhazam kept the content of your bags, and your quest log as well. Unfortunately, not tradeskill recipes though.

    So there it is, go to Allakhazam, get the Wowupdater, and run that in game as an addon. For the most part, it sorta duplicates what you can get off the Armory, but it does provide you with Bag contents and your quest log, which is rather handy.

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    Re: Quest log and more

    Thank you I will use that

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    Re: Quest log and more

    I suggest you actually try the wowhead addon not the allakhazam.

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    Re: Quest log and more

    Cool, I didn't realise Wowhead had a profiling section .. will check it out.

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