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    How to skill lockpicking?

    Topic says it all, actually I´m skill 248 in lockpicking. A friend of mine told me I should go in lbrs/brd and pick the pockets of those mobs. So, I did, but the pockets in lbrs require a skill which is too high and the pockets in brd require a skill which is almost too low for me, so I just get a point up every ~20th chest :S
    So can u guys plz tell me a good farming-point for pockets or treasures? Also I would like to know how to skill lockpicking in bc, I really need skill 375 as fast as possible because of the mechanar-bugfixing in a sooner patch

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    Re: How to skill lockpicking?

    You need 250 to open the LBRS ones im pretty sure... so 40 more boxes isnt too hard... Also, there is probably a door somewhere you can pick to get it up these 2 points... Maybe its an annoying one like in Dire Maul or something stupid like that... remember doors can only be picked like 1 per hour... so it this does get you up, park your toon and log on every hour on a week end and you will be picking those LBRS boxes in no time

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    Re: How to skill lockpicking?

    I'd suggest going to the Eastern Plaguelands, and going in the SE part where those 54-56 elites are. Pick their pockets for lock boxes to pick, and then go and pick the chests all over the place until your at 300.

    Then just pick pocket everything in the Outlands and pick those locks and that'll get ya to 375.
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