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    Prob. with rogue+priest in arena...

    Hey, I'm playing 2 vs. 2 with SL lock (with felguard), and i am Resto shaman, we are on 2 k. raiting atm and we have problems with rogue + holy/disc priest... he can't do nothing while rogue is on him ,he cant drain or even cast... Can someone give us advise what should we do when we meet that imba COMBO ? We tryed a lot of tactits but most of tham not working...

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    Re: Prob. with rogue+priest in arena...

    The only way I can beat that combo on my warlock ( I play with a paladin so it might be a bit different for you) is to get a fear off and use curse of exaustion to kite the rogue, but i'm 27/34 not felguard. Ask him to try an SL/Affliction spec, and since you're a shaman poisons like crippling can be removed easier so he can get distance and kite better. Hope that helps some.

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    Re: Prob. with rogue+priest in arena...

    Have him just apply dots on the priest and you spam purge on the priest. Fear the rogue when possible. You keep poison cleansing totem down with grounding and spam de-poison on your lock so you can keep him healed and he can keep running toward the priest. If he has free time, mana drain the priest. Just keep purging and you'll either run him out of mana or you'll get lucky and he'll die. ES'ing his heals work too. But poison cleansing totem and de-poison are your best bets to get the rogue off of the lock long enough.

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    Re: Prob. with rogue+priest in arena...

    I tryed all that... prob is ,cos he can only dot priest, and priest can easy over heal... he dispells ... and if i keep spamming cure poison i will get out of mana very fast , and priest, if he has any free time he spams mana burn ,and grouding has too big cd , shocks also ,cos i need to heal my lock too ,on 2k raiting + rogues hit too much, and they dont even let him cast any spell... im trying to drink as much as i can... on 1800 raiting it was v. easy to beat that combo... but on 2000+ .. uff ,big difference... and its too easy to surivive from priest side... he just kite around... purge wont help much he can also drink... if he is not a nab ,he will never get out of mana... and rogue,if he is skilled one , he will know how to keep the lock in melee range, smart rogues use shiv... saving energy for kick ,gouge ,kidny and shiv ofc... most useful spell agaisnt our combo... and he spam poisons faster than i can remove them... so... anyone got some other idea pls ?

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    Re: Prob. with rogue+priest in arena...

    get lock to specc SL/SL affliction specc... when you met a heavy melee team get him to use void walker... demon wont die... and if it should go really really bad he can just use sacriface and resummon... also abuse LoS and try keep Earthshield on your lock... yes priest can drink.. but so can you also... SL/SL locks are stupidly hard to kill so get him to try that...

    build i myself would go for - http://www.wowhead.com/?talent=IA0MVofdRZbgzzIiz0eo

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