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    Sweeping Strikes and Mortal Strike

    I had one question, if you use MS+SS does the 2nd target gets an MS debuff also? DOes this also happen with Hamstring and Sunder Armor? Do secondary targets get the debuffs as well?

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    Re: Sweeping Strikes and Mortal Strike

    i dont think ive tried it with ms, but i know it doesnt happen with hamstring, its just a waste of a strike if you use hamstring, still does about ~30 dmg on other target
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    Re: Sweeping Strikes and Mortal Strike

    It shouldn't afaik, as you hit Mortal Strike on target 1, then this causes your Sweeping Strikes buff to initiate an attack on another , nearby opponent.

    It's the Sweeping Strikes ability that is making the attack, not the Mortal Strike.

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    Re: Sweeping Strikes and Mortal Strike

    No. Sweeping Strikes only duplicates the damage from your hits, not any side effects.

    Basically what sweeping strikes does is create a new attack called 'Sweeping Strikes' which deals damage on the target, it doesn't make a clone of your first attack and apply it on a second target.

    Combat log would like this:

    Your Mortal strike hits player A for XXX.
    Your Sweeping Strikes hits player B for XXX.

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