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    druid arena 2 kilt

    I don't know if it has been adressed anywhere but is it just me or did the arena 2 pants for druids receive wrong coloring? Blue doesn't exactly match the rest of the set. Same as the Golden/brown shoes don't mach the chest and belt..

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    Re: druid arena 2 kilt

    This just expresess the variety of our skills :]]

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    Re: druid arena 2 kilt

    Back to Wildheart!

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    Re: druid arena 2 kilt

    Quote Originally Posted by Secretive
    Back to Wildheart!
    Don't start it :<

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    Re: druid arena 2 kilt

    flower growing shoulders ftw
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    Re: druid arena 2 kilt

    Naja die Blumenschultern passen wenigstens zum Helm. Wie soll ein blauer Kilt dazu passen?

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