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    mote drop chances?

    Hiya all

    LAst night I went on a mote farming run so I could sell some primals in the AH (covering raid repair costs). Anyway, I went to my usual place in BEM for grinding motes of fire (the place north east of Ruaans Weald) and spent some time there.

    Prior to the patch I would kill say 20-25 mobs there to get one Primal Fire.

    Last night however I killed about the same amount of mobs but came away with 3 motes. I Can't imagine this is bad luck if I was getting 10 previously?

    Final thing I tried was Elemental Plateau, killed 5fire mobs there and got 2 motes and even they are droppeding less than before. I am correct in thinking there was a blue post prior to patch saying they were going to change drop rates on motes? (if so, it is bad esp since two of the daily quests have had their gold reward nerfed too).

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    Re: mote drop chances?

    2 motes from 5 elementals seems average to me
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