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    merciless healing shield

    small question?

    s3 has upgrade of the new merciless healing shield?

    if not, I can just buy the shield but im afraid there will be upgrade soon


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    Re: merciless healing shield

    Yes, there probably will be one for S3. I believe the rating requirement for the weapons in S3 goes for the off-hands/shields as well, though. I'd use whatever healing shield you have now, and wait and see until Season 3 goes live or is on the PTR.

    You can probably live without it until we know a bit more about S3's gear though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Detan View Post
    Yea I hope so too! We need that resilience yo!! I wonder what rating we will need guys?!?!?!?!

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    I wonder if it will have MP5 on it?? Guys???

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    Would be cool is season 3 looked like tier 6 too, amiright gais?!?!

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    On a non related topic... I sure cant wait for the NECROmancer to come out in D3. Really. I like NECROmancers.

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    Lol. Necro. Get it? Lmao
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