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    Re: Why WoW and its player base fail!

    I rather like WoW but I must say I agree with the person who wrote what the OP quoted.
    If someone popped out of nowhere and gave me all the best gear and items available I would still go to the dungeons I have not yet seen (everything past Magtheridon : ) just to see them, but I'd only go once and there certainly would be no sense of achievement from it.
    Only thing driving me to go there would be curiosity and the will to down bosses I have not downed before.
    I have no motivation to raid any more, I just can't see the reason to do it. Ok so I get fancy gear, which I use to eh.. beat harder content and get fancier gear? It just never ends.
    I would love something that gives me a better feeling of achievement in WoW, and yes, better end-game content. I still find PvP fun though (well, proper PvP, not PvP in the lines of AV where you can win/loose the game without once fighting an enemy player).

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    Re: Why WoW and its player base fail!

    Quote Originally Posted by Nye
    DND stole the levelup system from DM!

    The point is not who is stealing from whom, but what they advertise for.
    If Blizzard would have been bragging about "a revolutionary leveling system" or "breaking PvP in a new dimension" then it's a point to brag about "yo see that, it's nothing new it's already at XY since the dawn of time".
    If I'd manufacture a car and say "it doesn't touch the ground" and you buy it just because of that and when you see it, it's just a common car and you start on me because it does touch the ground and I'd say "Oh no, it doesn't, the car is in the air, just the tires touch the ground." then it's a thing to brag about.

    Just like I said earlier, there surely are those hooligan facts in all negative posts about something, just words to make the dull minded masses revolt. The "facts" I took fromt he posts were: PvP is all about Zerging the other sides base, Loot is just as mindless random as everywhere, Equipment is mainly for the looks, WAR is just another "attack of the clones", the beta still got some issues -> final conclusion: As if I didn't have known before, I'll try WAR out for some time (most likely 3 or 4 month after it was released so that at least some bugs are fixed) and see if it sucks less than WoW (remember, we all play the MMO we play because the other ones suck more than the one we play) and then decide which one to drop.

    Don't be haters, just show me one single game that was released in the past 5 years that really was changing things and did not steal any elements from other games. Guess what, there are none, sad but true. Everything you will see in the next couple of years (until there will be some real good AI developed) will be clones of something else. Just use 40% of cool looking graphics, 30% of cloned game elements, add 10% of your own idea and mix in 20% lore. Then swallow it down, vomit it and here's the new record breaking MMO. Games will only be as innovative as the marketing let's them shine. I for myself think that there will be quite some time we won't see anything new, just all the same stuff made up with some different accents and shinier graphics.
    It's just the same thing that gets me tired when I go watch a movie. There always are the same stereotypes.
    Horror: Group of people enters a creepy place, half the film just teases you, at about 40 minutes the slaughtering slowly begins, at about 60 minutes there's a small storry breaks, at 70 minutes the remaining heroes join each other to kill the big evil, at 85 minutes all the bad things are slaughtered and you see the credits.
    Action: Good vs. Bad, BANG BANG BANG, Bad down and the phat lewt for the good: he get's the girl

    And take care not to break a leg or something if you try climbing my walls of text I sometimes drop somewhere in forums
    This is said in a such "poetic" way
    I am indestructible.

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    Re: Why WoW and its player base fail!

    I....remember a very old story, it was about a man and his 10 year old son and a horse, they were walking on a road they walked until the son was to tired to walk

    Father :Ride the horse my son until you can walk again.
    Son :Thank you Father.
    And with this they continued walking until the passed some people on the way

    Random People :I cant believe this that boy is riding the horse and his old father is walking, what a terrible son.

    The son was shocked hearing this and so they switched places so that they may do the right thing, and with this they continued walking until they passed another group of people.

    Random People :I cant believe this, that old man is riding the horse while his 10 years old son is walking, what a cold hearted monster.

    Both the son and his father were shocked hearing this so they said we will not ride the horse even if we get tired of walking coz thats the right thing to do, so they kept walking on feet even while both of are tired...until they passed another group of people

    Random People : I cant believe what i see, they didn't ride the horse even when both of them are so tired from walking , hehe what a stupid people
    Again both of them where shocked after hearing this.

    Son : we didn't do anything wrong father.
    Father :yes and no
    Son : i didn't understand
    Father :no stand for everything we did while walking
    and yes stand for us trying to please everyone. cos no matter what you do there will never be an act the everyone agrees that it good or bad.

    sorry for talking to long but what i wanted to say is that if wow was 100% pvp people will start QQ about it not being pve and so on.

    Love Haydeez

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    Re: Why WoW and its player base fail!

    omg, sounds like a chinese story :P


    ehm., Blizzard should give ATLEAST 6months of free gaming to the people that own an account for longer then 2 years imo. ^^
    Seriously.. wow costs too much!
    per year: 6*€25= €150,- and thats ALOT!
    (thats like $210)

    I play wow for a bit longer then 2 years..
    lets say i've spent €325 on gamecards only.
    ..then i've transferred my priest to another server.. €25
    and yes, i've bought gold online (together with ALOT of other people) few k gold for €50
    ..lets say I spent almost €400 on the game.. (thats $565)
    AND I was thinking of going to blizzcon. which would have costed me an airplane ticket - hotel reservations - blizzcon ticket.. like €300 in total?

    and what do we get in return?
    lag from time to time, patches with bugs, patches that f**kup your whole UI, overpowered warlocks.. I mean, C'MON!

    but, i'm addicted, like a few milion other gamers in this world.

    GG Blizzard, you found the get-rich-quick method, NOW SHARE PLOX!

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    Re: Why WoW and its player base fail!

    Quote Originally Posted by Xinzo
    omg, sounds like a chinese story :P
    not really, I believe it is quite international

    And there is more to the story: if both mount the horse, the "random people" accuse them of animal mistreatment

    But of course you can't please everyone, which actually is a good thing

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