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    S3 Gladiator Question

    I was just wondering if anyone knew a decent way to find out how many teams were in your BG group, for a given bracket.

    Or more specifically the BG9 teams.

    (I was going to try farming a 5v5 down to 900ish and seeing what rank it is [thus getting a rough estimate] but thats expensive and time consuming.)

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    Re: S3 Gladiator Question


    Just change it for your battlegroup
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    Re: S3 Gladiator Question

    the ladder will only show a max of 5,000 - the best way to find the max amount of teams is to find the lowest rated team you can, i.e the lowest i found was 908- and i checked the last weeks rank on the armory which was 33,800 and something, that's probably the best way to do it unless i am unaware of some website which displays how many there could be ?
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