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    Im very confuzed about 2.3

    Is it out now or is it coming out very soon?
    when i go on the website it downloads the last ptr for me

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    Re: Im very confuzed about 2.3

    Blizzard didn't say anything about when will 2.3 patch go to live servers, but you can test the patch right now in PTR servers.

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    Re: Im very confuzed about 2.3

    lol i forgot to mention thats what i wanted
    i want to play the ptr but its not working..
    not letting my dl the client or copying a character
    ne suggestions?

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    Re: Im very confuzed about 2.3

    Patch 2.3 is out on the PTR (Public Test Realm) which is NOT the live realms you make your main/original character on. Blizzard never tells exactly when they release it to live servers but its not hard to make an almost accurate estimation.

    But besides that it should be on live realms within a week or two, Blizzard blues stated on forums they will be doing "a short testing period for 2.3"

    If your having trouble:
    • Make sure you deleted your old PTR folder
    • Make sure you are downloading the correct thing off the website
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    Re: Im very confuzed about 2.3

    Quote Originally Posted by Lionhert312
    or copying a character
    Same here because too many people are currently copying there chars :S

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