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    No S3 Shield Wall?

    There are a few open threads on the wow forums asking the same question. Why is there no Shield Wall being released with season 3? Season 1 & 2 had them, why not this season?


    Open topics on the wow forums asking the same question. It doesnt seem fair to me that every other class can get whatever they want, but a warrior cant get a new shield? Wtf?

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    Re: No S3 Shield Wall?

    it's kind of obviouse why it won't be released and my spec got destroyed:
    they hate me and protection pvp
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    Re: No S3 Shield Wall?

    it will probably come to ptr soon

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    Re: No S3 Shield Wall?

    yeh theres several items not listed yet suck as glads right ripper....im sure blizzard wouldnt add the left one without the right, ...patience is a virtue...

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