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    WoW Model Viewer

    just a quick question how do you get the wow model viewer to show the new items like in the screen shots on the home page, I cant find the new arena rewards when I look through the armour list the version I have came from:


    and I have imported the files WoWTest folder but i still cant see the new Arena items in the correct colours i have found some of the raid versions, and i cant find most of the armour can someone point me in the right direction.

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    Re: WoW Model Viewer

    WoW Model Viewer uses the current game client's files for the armor/models. The reason you can't see any of the new items is because they are not currently live. If you configure WoW Model Viewer to use the test server's mpq files, then you can see them.

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    Re: WoW Model Viewer

    You also need to add the relevant info to items.csv, like the item name, item ID, display ID, item slot, sheath location etc etc. There's info on how to do this on the WMV forums.

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