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    Conditional Macroes Help Please!

    Hi. I currently have a macro that yells "C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!!!" when I use my Kick ability. If kick is on GCD or CD, I will have to use it again, sometimes creating alot of spam. Is there any way to make the macro only yell if kick is successful?


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    Re: Conditional Macroes Help Please!

    It could be, but not without some lines of Lua code to check whether to spam the text or not.

    In PSEUDO code it would be something like:
    /run if(KickIsNotOnCooldown() and GlobalCooldownIsNotOn() and IHaveEnoughEnergyToCastKick()) then SendChatMessage("C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!!!", "YELL") end
    /cast Kick
    Now, I haven't tried to do anything like this before, and for the two first conditions (GCD or CD) I cannot help you. But for the third, you could do:

    UnitMana("player") >= 25
    I hope this gave you some help, FormulaDrixx.

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    Re: Conditional Macroes Help Please!

    What exactly is PSEUDO?
    Edit: also I tried what you said and it is Kicking but not yelling C-C-C-combo..


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    Re: Conditional Macroes Help Please!

    In common parlance, the word pseudo is used to mark something as false, fraudulent, or pretending to be something it is not, as in pseudoscience or pseudophilosophy.
    More to this point, psuedo code is code that is just written to show generally show what the point of it is, without going further into its depths. As with this, KickIsNotOnCooldown(), GlobalCooldownIsNotOn() and IHaveEnoughEnergyToCastKick() are not functions that work or are implanted, it is just placeholders for where other things should be.

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    Re: Conditional Macroes Help Please!

    the thing with this is seeing if kick is on cooldown needs a variable.
    something like
    local _, duration, _, = GetSpellCooldown("Kick")

    and i didnt find any API about global cooldown, so i guess that GCD is part of the "cooldown".

    I think i could do it through a small addon like i did for ChatToggle for Simplicity.
    pm me if you are interested.

    but do you really need to yell something when you kick?? hehe

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