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    Patch 2.3 Honor rewards, any trinkets?

    Hi there.

    Im sitting at like 30k honor at the moment and really want the 33 resil/heal your self for 887.

    And as far as i can see there is no new trinkets in 2.3 that you can buy for honor, only the one that is 70badges, which i dont think that i will bother my self with.
    What about you, will you take the Heroic badge trinket rather then the honor trinket that is avalible now?

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    Re: Patch 2.3 Honor rewards, any trinkets?

    Comon! http://www.wowhead.com/?item=34049 Or the currently avalible trinket for honor, the 33resil and use heal your self?

    And is there any new trinket in 2.3 that you can but for honor?

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    Re: Patch 2.3 Honor rewards, any trinkets?

    Im prolly going to use the current pvp trinket and the heroic badges trinket, the selfheal trinket just seems to be put there so players can get full pvp gear from pvp.

    Afaik there is no new honor trinket added in 2.3, but with ptr being updated every couple of days atm i would wait a while with spending tho.

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