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    Discord Art

    I'm rather stupid when it comes to UI modification, and I was wondering if anyone could give me a step-by-step walkthrough on how to install discord and where to load the textures and all that. Much appreciated.

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    Re: Discord Art

    Does it even work anymore?

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    Re: Discord Art

    There's rebuilds and stuff of it, but as far as I know Loz was out of game for the longest and it went dead the official versions at least. I *think* he's back now and working on it again.

    For the most part I'm sure the majority of people who used it have moved on.

    Edit: After some searching found this post by Loz: stopped being self-sustaining and finally went down this morning. Since this happened before I could get a beta out of Discord UI Builder, it's time to finally hang it up for good. I'm going back to my day job full-time.

    I'm truly sorry to disappoint all those who kept supporting me and got me motivated to start modding again. Thank you Kayda, dudeinthedark, Hellzblade, and a lot of names I can't remember (I'm so bad with names). Lappen DIAF but thanks for all the silliness anyway.

    This is finally it.

    I mean it this time.

    It's over.

    Final good-bye.

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