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    Guild Bank addons?

    I am currently seeking any addons that have to do with Guild Bank, Guilding Banking, and the maintenance of items/money contained therein. Lemme explain...

    At the moment, I'm using an addon called Stacker - what that does among other things, is auto stacks items in my bags, but what I really like is that when I open my bank, anything that I have in my bank and in my bags will also get stacked. Example - I have a stack of heroic badges in the bank, and after a heroic I stop by the bank, open the bank and my bags, and it auto stacks the badges I have just received onto the larger stack in the bank. Viola, clutter gone.

    What I need, and what Stacker does not currently have the functionality to do, is that same type of thing with a Guild Bank. As the Guild Master of the guild bank, I won't have to worry about overriding any permissions there - just want to open the Guild Bank and have anything I have in my bags get stacked into the bank (pots, mats, etc).

    Hopefully that makes sense, I know what I might be seeking may either not be in development, or seem frivolous, but hopefully someone out there has seen a need for such an addon and could possibly point me in the right direction.

    Thanks in advance...
    oreos in the tub

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    Re: Guild Bank addons?

    Try BankStack(http://www.wowinterface.com/download...BankStack.html).

    It does the same thing as Stacker i think but support Guild Banks.

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    Re: Guild Bank addons?

    hmmm just tried Bankstack - doesn't appaear to be working with Guild Banks as of yet..
    oreos in the tub

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    Re: Guild Bank addons?

    I'm sure the functionality will be there shortly.

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    Re: Guild Bank addons?

    Quote Originally Posted by imhavingfun
    hmmm just tried Bankstack - doesn't appaear to be working with Guild Banks as of yet..
    did you try "/sort guild"?

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