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    Raid Unitframe


    First of all, I'm looking for the name of the raid-unitframe used in the RIGHT side of this screenshot
    I got ag_unitframes, that is used in the left side.

    I could also use some advice on raidframes from a feral druid point of view.
    IE. normaly I need just to know a players hp and mana (for innervate), and about they got MoTW or imp. MOTW.

    I tried grid, but it bugs and don't really support my needs. The raidframes i ag_unitframes is poor, and scales terrible
    so it becomes extremely ugly (I'm a bit of a perfectionist).

    Thanks :-)
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    Re: Raid Unitframe

    Perfectraid is the raid frames mod on the right there. Super minimalist, you can choose to also show mana bars on there too, which is helpful for your innervation needs, it will also show an acronym for whatever buffs you can cast that the person needs, so basically once that person has the buff the acronym goes away, making it extremely helpful in buffing and means it's clean when your fully raid buffed. I have yet to figure a way to get other mods to do the same (show the buff when the person needs it, rather then when they have it).

    Grid is actually very powerful and technically can do everything you'd ever want and a lot more, but it IS complex to do those things. I personally just use the raid frames with pitbull, since I can make them look like whatever I want and they can show a decent amount of info that I need.

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    Re: Raid Unitframe

    I <3 PerfectRaid. Best raid frames out there atm, although I will admit grid does look very nice.

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