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    [A] Rising Dreams recruiting - Doomhammer [MH 5/5 BT 9/9]

    We're currently looking for the following classes:

    • 2 Restoration Shamans

    Rising Dreams is a high end raiding guild with high ambitions.
    We require a lot from our members, so be prepared to invest a lot of your time.

    Currently we have cleared everything in Mount Hyjal and the Black Temple.


    We raid 6 days a week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Sunday).

    Raid time is 19:45 to 23:45.

    :: You will be required to be available for 4½ of those 6 raids every week. So 9 raids every two weeks. However, since we have cleared Black Temple, the realistic raid time will be 3 raids per week, this will change once Sunwell Plateau is opened.

    Character Requirements

    :: You need to be able to farm enough gold for repairs and potions for all raids (50g+/raid)
    :: You need to have be attuned to Mount Hyjal and Black Temple (though once you're attuned to MH, BT isn't that big of a problem to do).
    :: You need to have decent gear. This is class dependant though.

    Misc Requirements

    :: You need be able to write and understand english.
    :: You need to be mature and preferably above 18 years of age.

    Technical Requirements

    :: You need to have a fast computer that does not cause lag even on highly detailed and huge encounters.
    :: You need to have a fast and stable connection.
    :: You need to have Ventrilo installed on your computer.
    :: It is preferred that you have a microphone, but not required.

    We use Ventrilo for our raids, so its required you have this.

    For more information contact one of our officers in game (Neddie, Darlyn, Calippo, Sadriana & Squib)
    or visit our website:

    Best Regards,
    The Rising Dreams guild

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    Re: [A] Rising Dreams recruiting - Doomhammer [MH 5/5 BT 8/9]

    Bump, only Illidan left ;D

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    Re: [A] Rising Dreams recruiting - Doomhammer [MH 5/5 BT 9/9]

    Bump, all TBC Content cleared.

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