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    Resto Druid Survivability

    I have just recently respec'ed Resto with my Druid. I was full Feral for tanking since 70, and worked on getting gear this way as well. Now that Season 3 is out I have decided to actually be of some benefit in PvP. So far I have the basic techniques down... HoT -> LoS -> HoT -> LoS and constantly Cyclone/Root. Our team consists of MM Hunter/SL Lock/Resto Druid.

    Against anything without a Rogue we seem to do fine. Warriors don't give me problems as I can keep them CC'ed or stuned with Feral Charge, Bash, Roots, Cyclone tricks. However Rogues just tear me a new one. Against a good rogue it seems like all I do is stand there praying I will be able to get HoTs off to heal myself. I know my gear is a little low (well REALLY low tbh and I really need enchants... wtb Large Prismatic Shards), I am working on that as we speak though. But what should I be doing against Rogues? Is there something I am missing? I tend to use the same strategy against a Rogue as I do a Warrior... but it just doesn't work....

    Here is a link to my armory page: http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...urnace&n=Codyl

    My gear is being improved, and my spec seems solid. I have ToL cause I have been running Heroics to save up for the Heroic Badge Cloak. Any suggestions of what I am doing wrong against rogues though?

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    Re: Resto Druid Survivability

    I don't know very much about a healing druid (iam feral) but IMO if you got a problem with a rogue i think that your teammates should help you more:


    Scatter shot
    Wing clip (spamable, until he gets a "improved wing clip" if specced")

    If rogue have wasted all hes CDs like trinket and CoS he can't do very much about fear...

    And ofc you cyclone and stuff...

    PS: i know that you didn't ask whats told here (you wanted to know what YOU should do , but don't know how to play a healing druid sry)

    PSS sorry bad english

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    Re: Resto Druid Survivability

    Ya my teammates are pretty good (much better geared then myself). Our Hunter is one of the best on the server IMHO, and I played Hunter for a good 7-8months on Blood Furnace before switching to Druid so I respect his abilities alot. The Lock is hella good as well, it seems like everyone on the entire team is feared constantly. But those pesky Rogues still just tear me up still....

    What I was thinking is possibly just staying Stealthed until the last possible second. I seem to always pop to early to get a Cyclone interupt or a "needed" heal that could have been handled with a Health Stone. Alot of it might just be inexperience and lack of Resilience that is adding to my problem as well.

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    Re: Resto Druid Survivability

    u guys are probably doing fine but as ur armory says less than 200 resislence rogues can tear a lot of ppl apart if they got the gear and specced right, so just farm honor for vindicators belt/boots and u will be fine

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    Re: Resto Druid Survivability

    I can't contribute much, as it seems like you know what you're doing for the most part, but make sure you keep Nature's Grasp up whenever a Rogue is coming at you.

    When I play on my Rogue I HATE Nature's Grasp.

    I have had a Druid Nature's Grasp ----> Swiftness ----> Cyclone me to prevent me from ever catching him.

    You might consider picking up nature's reach. The extra distance on Cyclone is clutch.

    --Duelist Blitzlunar
    ~Duelist Blitzlunar of Nazjatar. Proud QQ'er of the Almost-Gladiator Club (75 Rating or less)

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    Re: Resto Druid Survivability

    What else can I say then there is no I in team.

    Arena sucsess in not based on the solo performace of 3 players solo. Its all abaut class setup and teamwork.

    Rogues might be a shit class to get on you but whit a few traps/slowing effects on em they are worthless vs droods.


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    Re: Resto Druid Survivability

    First things first, the initial rogue hit is the key to surviving. My usual way of dealing with it is trinketing out of his opening stun and popping nature's grasp, shift to travel and try to run. Unless he gets his Kidney shot off immediately, you have bought yourself a split second before he trinkets or Cloaks out of root. If he trinkets, shift out and reroot, if he cloaks, go bear and bash him. Run away some more.

    If he is the hunter's focus, conc shot/Scatter/Intimidation/frost trap and your roots should suffice for controlling him, allowing you to cyclone their healer/other with ease. (With lock, coe/dc/fear)

    If in the above situation the rogue gets the Kidney shot off after you trinket, USE BARKSKIN. Barkskin = enough dmg mitigation to withstand most of his blows long enough for you to get away with the above methods and heal up. Natural shapeshifter = win for mana efficiency.

    My druid: http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...7thol&n=Manure

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