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    Shammy Spec

    I am currently lvling a shammy to help guild but i like doing pvp with my shammy what do you think of this build its is a hybrid build

    to do DPs and off healing in raids and mabye healing in 5 mans

    any Suggestions or advice would be welcomed

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    Re: Shammy Spec

    your dmg will suck in raids your healing will suck
    u will never be asked to offheal as enha shamy its same as asking spriest in middle of fight to heal as u ll go oom after two heals.

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    Re: Shammy Spec

    that would be down to gear nothing else and that is easy to come by

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    Re: Shammy Spec

    or does any one have another build i like both trees and would like to try to do both

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    Re: Shammy Spec

    As the above poster has said, its not really going to work.

    From personal experience, I play a raiding elemental shaman and I know that off healing is at best a last resort. It can be achieved with limited sucess with an elemental shaman for 2 reasons:

    1) spell damage also contributes towards healing, such that raid buffed I pack in ~1200 damage and healiing, meaning there is some weight behind my heals

    2) I always have a shadow priest meaning mana isnt an issue.

    In your case, you will have no spell dmg to speak of, so your heals will have no potency, you will have a limited mana pool and run out of mana quickly.

    Also, as a dpser you have none of the top level talents to boost your own and party dps. Enchancement shamans are not top dmg dealers, but thier viability in raids comes from the buffs they give to the other party memebers. Your hybrid spec offers none of these.

    Similarly as a healer the same applies, your lack of mana tide will hinder your position in healer groups, and the lack of chain heal talents will make you far less effective than you could be at fights like morogrim.

    Playing as elemental i know my dmg isnt great, its not designed to be, however my role is to provide some steady dmg, while increasing the dmg of those in my party (typically 3 mages and a shadow priest)

    To sum up, as a shaman you are best off sticking to one role as your main focus. Be that healer or dmg dealer. If you try to do two roles, you will suceed at neither and fail at both.

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    Re: Shammy Spec

    i can see where you are coming from but you say my healing would be not very good i would not heal in DPs gear it would be pure healing gear which would offer more mana and alot more +healing and MP5

    will talk to my guild and see what they feel as it will be them who be able to say what we need as a guild but will prob end up going healing as i m really enjoying it when i get to do some lower lvl instances while i lvl

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