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    Assist Bug

    Here is a bug i and my mates encounter quite often...

    When assisting our Warrior it sometimes happens that the /assist macro is locked on a wrong target for a few seconds. Sometimes a dead target, sometimes another living target, that's random.

    this is a very annoying bug and if anyone has an explanation on how to prevent it, tell me plz.

    This bug happens in many situations with any warrior we assist, playing with or without add ons.

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    Re: Assist Bug

    if its only warriors but all warriors thats really really weird. your saying it doesn't happen for any other class?

    also are you sure the warrior isn't switch or using a /focus macro (does this still exist?) or something that is delaying the switch? i really have no good reasons for this :/

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    Re: Assist Bug

    We used to have a 2 warriors team and it happened with both.

    Today we play chamelem/mage/war/pal/priest and it still does happen.

    But i don't know if this bug only happen with warriors or not since we do only use this kind of macro in arena with a war. Maybe it would do the same with a rogue or any class, i dont know.

    This bug is not new at all and happen to many others teams as well. Nobody has any explanation atm.

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    Re: Assist Bug

    perhaps someone else can help you but i have no answer, short of switching off all 3rd party mods and testing it. could be something with the way they changed hunter targeting and such with feign death. who knows?!

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