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    [A-PVE] CST (5/5,9/9,2/6) LFM Shaman/Paladin 4 BT/SW

    Arcanum of Malygos (http://www.arcanumguild.com) is currently seeking mature members for Black Temple, and Sunwell. We have Mount Hyjal and Black Temple clear and are recruiting for Sunwell (Currently 2/6 Felmyst @ 15%). Arcanum has been an active raiding guild for nearly 3 years, and is one of the most respected guilds on Malygos.

    Spots available for immediate raiding:


    We are currently accepting applications from all classes. (2-3 Shaman, 1 Paladin)

    Players we consider:

    - Good Situational awareness
    - Knowledge of your class abilities.
    - A good attitude. Its important that you fit in well with our guild. Its also important that you are able to persevere through wipes.
    - Commitment. We raid Sunday-Thursday 7:30 - 11 server (CST). Making ~80% of those raids is fairly important. We also run SSC/TK/ZA/Karazhan on the weekend, would be nice if you could be available for those as well.
    - Willingness to respec for the guild.
    - Come prepared with all consumables that are required for raids.
    - Hyjal/BT attunement a plus, but not required.

    About us:

    Arcanum came about from the merging of Legends of Azeroth, and Alliance of Bloodstone. We are a group of like minded mature players, who dont care much for drama, accolades, or attention. You wont find us spamming trade or general with our "leet" BoP's for sale. You wont find us belittling someone elses accomplishments, and you certainly wont see us bashing people.

    Our membership tends to skew older, and as such we don't have much patience for egos, or self promotion. We tend to be extremely loyal to our current members. You could be the best player on the server, and if you have a bad attitude, we would ignore your application.

    Gear isnt really a concern, we can gear people up, the trouble lies in finding a player who's attitude, and personality fit inside our walls.

    We generally dont allow cursing in our vent, nor in guild chat. We typically, dont call people out on vent, nor in chat. Praise in public, reprimand in private. We expect everyone to be courteous and respectful to every other member of Arcanum, so if you have bad blood with certain members you might want to check that at the door.

    Lastly we are not a progression based guild. We look at this game as our entertainment, and our goals are certainly to down every boss in the game. We do not however bash our heads against the wall for days on end unless we are all still having fun. A night of wipes will often be called early, and followed up with something on farm before we head back to another night of learning.

    Raid Schedule (all time server [CST]):

    Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday -- 7:30 to 11 (invited at 7:15).


    Jamis - Guildmaster
    Silverlark, Pipe - Recruitment Officers

    [email protected]

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    Re: [A-PVE] CST (5/5 MH 4/9 BT) LFM Shaman & More!

    Updated recruitment needs! Please visit our web page for more information.


    Thanks for your interest.

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    Re: [A-PVE] CST (5/5,9/9) LFM Shaman 4 MH/BT/SW

    Looking for any interested Shaman (spec indifferent). Thanks for your interest.

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    Re: [A-PVE] CST (5/5,9/9,2/6) LFM Shaman/Paladin 4 BT/SW

    Felmyst at 15% Need Priests, Shaman, Paladins & a Feral Druid.

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