Union is currently looking for 1 warlock to pimp our raid for the upcoming Sunwell raid instance.

What we expect from you:

* You have excellent knowledge, skill and experience about warlock class in raid environment.
* You are a dedicated and active player - that means you have high attendance, you come to every raid fully prepared, you are able to listen and follow orders, you don't slack and afk during raids.
* You can take criticism and improve. You are not emo and dramaqueen.
* You have a minimum of t5 quality gear with best gems and enchants available to you.
* You are attuned to Hyjal and BT
* You have a PC and connection that can handle 4h of 25 man raiding.
* You can speak english and use Ventrilo.

What we offer to you:

* A stable guild with many nice players.
* Solid and experienced leadership.
* Once the sunwell is out, lots of raiding, progress and new bosses to beat.
* Currently clearing BT/Hyjal in 2 evenings + occasional ZA timed runs.

To apply, please go to http://www.union-europe.com/forum. For more information contact Kunksmoor or Mgc in game.