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    [A-PvP] Barroom Heroes - Trollbane (EU)

    Barroom Heroes - Trollbane (PvP) Alliance (Europe)

    What are we Recruiting:

    Some outstanding players for other classes (except mages)

    If we are not recruiting your class and after reading below you still want to apply please do, there are always exceptions and we will always consider good players and good applications.

    Guild Progress

    Black Temple - 9/9 - Bloodboil + Essence of Souls + Mother Sharaz + Illidari Council + Illidan trollbane alliance firsts
    Mount Hyjal - 5/5 - Archimonde and Azgalor trollbane alliance firsts
    Tempest Keep - 4/4
    Serpentshrine- 6/6
    Magtheridon - 1/1
    Gruul - 2/2

    About our raiding

    - We start invites for our raids at 19:00 CET (Game time). Our raids finish at 23:00, sometimes a few minutes earlier and sometimes later depending where we are and what we're doing.
    - We raid Monday - Friday, and Sunday. Saturday is the day off for Karazhan/Zul'aman or just farming pots/flasks/food etc.

    What is expected:

    - Being online and ready to accept invites at 19:00 CET (Game time).
    - We do expect you to bring consumables to raids.
    - Raiding at least 5/6 raids per week are the players we would be interested in, the more days you can raid per week the more interest we will have in your application.
    - We would also prefer you not to have to go AFK for long durations during raids on a regular basis - being focused for the 4 hours we raid is important.
    - Have a stable connection and a computer that doesnt have any problems that might lower your performance in raids (disconnects).
    - Being able to use ventrillo 3.0, having a microphone is optional but helps.
    - It is important that you have good knowledge about your class and how to play it in raid situations.
    - BT/MH experience will help your application
    - BT/MH gear will help your application

    How to Apply:

    - Go to our website and apply on our forums, create a thread on the General Public Forum.
    - Sending a private application as a PM on the forums to Hunthor.
    - Whispering Hunthor, Dmuus, Jugles or Itiel in game.


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    Re: [A-PvP] Barroom Heroes - Trollbane (EU)

    Can you maybe post an adress to ur homepage since I cant find it on your realm forum, im kinda interested (Warrior)

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