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    [A][PVE][PST] Catalyst-Turalyon 4/5MH 5/9BT LF healers

    Guild: Catalyst
    Server: Turalyon (PVE)
    Timezone: PST

    We raid 6 day a week (Saturday thru Thursday), Friday OFF. The first pull is at 8PM and ends at midnight PST.
    Currently working on Archimonde, looking for skilled healers (gears are secondary) to fill our core healing squad:
    - (2 - 3) Holy Paladins
    - (2 - 3) Holy Priest
    - Resto Druids
    - Resto Shamans

    - High playtime
    - Can maintain 80% attendance
    - Smart and competitive
    - Vashj and Kael experience, specially MH and BT Attuned is a plus.

    Post an app here:

    Any questions contact with Zarib, Zuiz, Angello, Hi

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    Re: [A][PVE][PST] Catalyst-Turalyon 4/5MH 5/9BT LF healers

    bump, still recruiting

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