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    [H](PVP)3/5 Hyjal LFM

    Kaizen of Frostmane is looking for more experienced and dedicated raiders. We currently raid Sun-Thursday 7ST (which is central mountain time) to 12:00pm st. Friday nights are offered to raid as double dkp nights. We ask that you have one (preferably both) of your Vials and be attuned to Mt. Hyjal/BT. However, we are willing to go back to TK to pick up the Kael vial for exceptional applicants. (Please be at least on the Al'Ar part of the attunement chain)

    Kara/ZA: Cleared
    Gruul/Mag: Cleared
    SSC: Cleared
    TK: Cleared
    Hyjal: 3/5

    We are in need of:
    1-2 Resto Shaman
    1-2 Holy Paladins
    1 Shadow Priest
    1 Hunter

    We are open to other applicants that are highly skilled and exceptionally geared.

    Please visit our website at www.kaizentheguild.com for more information and to fill out an application.

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    Re: [H](PVP)3/5 Hyjal LFM


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    Re: [H](PVP)3/5 Hyjal LFM


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