Basic Info
Guild: Utopia
Server: Mug'thol (Central Time Zone)
Server Type: PvP

Utopia is currently looking for several quality raiders to take part in the remaking of our top 25 Horde US guild that recently took a2 month break. We are currently rebuilding for Sunwell and to start twenty-five man raiding again. The ability to listen well, past raid experience, hunger for progress, and keen situational awareness all play a roll in the recruitment process. If you are a very skilled player and have the gear, or are even lacking now is your chance to join an end game guild without needing full T6. Here is our basic recruiting post.

Currently Recruiting

Exceptional player of any class with decent gear

Raiding times: 6:30PM - 11:30PM CST
Sunday - Thursday (5 days a week)

Utopia is in need of a few more dedicated raiders that can maintain high attendance. Exceptional situational awareness and an eagerness to use consumables are mandatory. Currently all bosses in the game are down and as soon as Sunwell hits the PTR, we'll be there. The main focus of this guild is PvE progression.

Requirements for applicants

Being able to attend 90% of raids.

Understanding the encounters before the raid. (Reading strats, watching videos etc.)

Willing to spec PvE DPS or Healing on raid nights.

Able to have full consumables for every boss. (Flask or 2 Elixers, Food, Oils/Stones)

Must have optimal Enchants on ALL pieces of gear.

Must have Blue quality gems on ALL sockets.

If you would like to talk in-game on Mug'thol for more info, PST Omegladon, Sikozu, Miniclunchen or Rbginsburg