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    (A)PVE - Affinity[Zul'Jin] 5/5 Hyjal 8/9 BT - Paladins

    Affinity on the Zul'jin server is looking to bolster our ranks with some fresh blood. We've recently cleared Mount Hyjal and downed The Illidari Council in BT, leaving only Illidan to go on current content. Come join the fun of downing Illidan with us for the first time!

    We are currently taking applications for the following classes:

    * Healing:
    o 1 Healer : Paladins.

    If your class isn't listed, but you'd like to put in an application anyhow, by all means go ahead. We take every application into consideration, and are always willing to bend our criteria a little for a skilled and experienced player.

    Some vital info:
    - We're 5/5 Hyjal, 8/9 BT, and working towards Illidan.
    - We raid Sunday through Thursday, leaving your weekends open for whatever you choose.
    - Raid times are 8pm EST until Midnight.
    - Karazhan and ZA raids can and do still happen randomly before/after raids and on weekends, on mains and/or alts.
    - Website: http://www.affinityguild.org

    So just who are these scrubs in Affinity, you ask? Well, we're a (mostly) hardcore raiding guild, with a primary focus on having a great time playing WoW. I put the (mostly) there because we don't let raiding get in the way of fun as some guilds seem to, but rather we focus on making raiding BE fun. Our vent server is not a silent wasteland during a raid, nor is it the raid leader yelling 24/7. All our members are encouraged to talk and enjoy themselves, and we're smart enough to know when we need to shut up and concentrate. While our attitude may be somewhat lax, our skill is not; the bosses are falling, the purples roll in, and everyone has a great time.

    Take a look at our website if this sounds like the kind of thing you're looking for! You can post in an app in the "Wish to immigrate?" forum, or send one via private message to Crystania if you prefer to be discrete. You're also welcome to find us in game of course; if I'm not on at the time, ask anyone online in Affinity for Twofisted (he has many alts, but is usually online on one of them).

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    Re: (A)PVE - Affinity[Zul'Jin] 5/5 Hyjal 8/9 BT - Paladins


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    Re: (A)PVE - Affinity[Zul'Jin] 5/5 Hyjal 8/9 BT - Paladins


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