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    [H] resto shammy LF deep BT/MH raiding guild (PST pref.)

    Hey I'm looking to Xfer to a new server to raid BT/MH w/ a new guild.
    I have killed arch. and have killed IC in BT...attempted to kill Iildan.
    Here is my armory link:

    Since it may be bugged, I will briefly list my resto pve gear

    3/5 t5 (Chest helm shoulders)
    Baston of light
    some random MH/BT healing stuff
    I have over 2k+ healing unbuffed

    I prefer a guild that raids during PST or MST timing

    Edit: my armory http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...fiend&n=Dokebi
    If you have any questions, you can toss me a PM or AIM me at sbballer92

    I have cleared full pre-bc and have been playing a shammy for over 2.5 years now

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    Re: [H] resto shammy LF deep BT/MH raiding guild (PST pref.)

    Greetings, we currently have all raid content on farm and are looking for a talented restoration shaman in preperation for Sunwell Plateau. Our raiding times are PST. You can find more detailed information below. If you are interested contact myself, Loktari of Blackwing Lair, in game or post an application on our website.

    General Information

    Server: Blackwing Lair (PvP)
    Raid Times: 7:00pm-12:00am Pacific Standard Time
    Website: http://www.crowdcontrolguild.org
    Server Progress: http://www.wowwiki.com/Server:Blackwing_Lair_US
    Guild Progress: 5/5 Hyjal 9/9 BT

    We are currently the furthest progressed guild on our realm, Blackwing Lair. We have all of the available raiding content on farm and we will usually only spend about three or four days a week raiding. However when new content is released we will once again raid at a hardcore level Sunday - Friday. (Six days a week.)

    We are a guild that prides ourself in a small dedicated member base, meaning only extremely active raiders should apply. We are a tier six quality raiding guild and as such you should feel confident in your characters gear and your own personal skill and experience to keep up with the rest of us.

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