Hey, i'm Andy, one of three founders of the Team Warcry or (TwC for short) community and gaming clan. We are currently looking for new members as we are a new gaming clan and community. We are a clan and community based around MMORPG gaming and XboxLive gaming (meaning we cover World of Warcraft) and we want all types of gamers from all sorts of games to join us too, we would like a community which isn't just based on the one game or few games, we want it based on loads of games on loads of platforms/consoles, so if you're interested in joining us, please visit our forums at www.TwC.smfforfree4.com and register, take a look around, and be part of the forming of the newest gaming community around!

A little overview of what we are about -

- We're a new gaming community and clan, with branches into all sorts of MMORPG's and XboxLive games, and we want to expand!
- We offer all members help in everyway possible, we offer guides and walkthroughs (and even Founders and Leaders will come online to take you through something you need help with)
- We also offer some Powerlevelling and ingame currency services to help our members acheive higher goals etc.

So if you are interested and want to become a part of our community, visit our forums - www.TwC.smfforfree4.com

Thanks for reading and Happy Gaming!