Pacifism of Vek'nilash (since April, 2006) is in need of additional members.
We have cleared all content available at the moment and wants to recruit further for Sunwell Plataeu.

If you can verify that you have exceptional knowledge and brainmass you may have a chance to be recruited regardless if you got superior gear as long as you have the attunement for BT/Hyjal.
The guild no longer does SSC/TK so attunement to Mount Hyjal is crucial.

At the moment we are spending two days per week to clear the important content however we also clear ZA/KZ with alternate characters weekly so if you're into that business its there for you aswell.

We are currently interested in recruiting the following classes:

Warrior (Protection)
Druid (Restoration)
Shaman (Restoration)

* You are expected to be able to attend atleast 80 percent of our raids.
* You are expected to be available to raid during the hours 18.30-23.30 (GMT+1).
* You are expected to be active on our Ventrilo server (
* You prioritize content progression over character progression.
* You MUST be attuned to Mount Hyjal and Black Temple.

Would you like to have a further information about the guild you may contact Macalister (Macalichter), Onishi, Lokan (Gareck, Jadean), Dwarvenpowah (Verdisha, Verdishaz, Humis) through PM or by ingame contact.