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    [H] Colony recruiting (Casual for now, big plans for WOTLK)

    Colony is currently a casual raiding guild with big plans for Wrath of the Lich King. For the time being, we decided that it would be best to start off with 10-mans until we have the right amount of people. If the opportunity shows up, and we have enough people, we will certainly consider going upwards to 25-man raiding content.

    recruitment status:
    Since our guild is still under construction, all classes are welcome.

    Our history:
    Atm, we got some few members who are very experienced with high end raiding in WoW. I myself have the experience with BT and MH, the others members up to TK and SSC.

    What exactly do we expect from you?:

    Experience: If you haven't done any raid content in The Burning Crusade, but did a lot of it before, you still have some kind of 'reserve' and thereby are familiar with the mechanics of bossfights. The other way around is ok aswell. Having experienced both is always a plus.

    Gear: We have to see that you have put some effort into your gear. By this we mean enchants, the right gems and crafted epics (ie. spellfire/shadoweave for mages and primal mooncloth for holy priests.)

    Accountability: What exactly is accountability and what does it have to do with World of Warcraft? I'll explain this in a few sentences. What you do in your own time is your own business. If you want to spec in some odd way or whatever, you can; in your own time. But once you join a raiding guild (and Colony in particular), what you do in your own time will influence other people. This means that we expect you to master all raiding tactics, be prepared when you come to a raid (Having pots, flasks etc.), making sure you are on time for all raids and have a proper raiding spec. If you can't be on time, due to coming from work and wanting to do something else before the raid, you should be parked in front of the instance. Failing to do so will result in some kind of sanction unless you have a good reason. This forum does have a topic where you can post if you are going to be late for a particular raid or for an extended period of time.

    The most basic requirement of all is being able to write proper English. We don't want you to write without any kind of grammar or spelling errors and be serious all the time ofcourse, but we would like to see that you put in some effort.

    If, after reading this, you are still interested in joining colony, you're free to leave an application behind! You can do this at http://www.colony.gtkguild.eu , we also have our own dkp site and raidplanner.

    The officer team.

    PS: When making your application, don't forget to take a look at the application template.

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    Re: [H] Colony recruiting (Casual for now, big plans for WOTLK)


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