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    [A] Eclipse - Frostwhisper - 9/9 BT 5/5 Hyjal


    Eclipse is currently in need of a few classes in order for us to enjoy and farm PvE content until release of The Sunwell.

    What we need:

    2 Holy Paladin
    1 Holy Priest

    About Us:

    Eclipse is a unique guild situated on Frostwhisper server, it's nearly 3 years old, and it's member-base is made up of people that have known each other for a long time, aswell as others that have joined us along the way. We have a great guild dynamic, we all love the PvE content this game offers, and we play in a fun, humourous raid atmosphere, but as always wanting to beat "The Game".

    We're very much a team, and there is always something to laugh about.


    -Willing and able to attend raids regularly; 4 times a week atleast. Our raiding days are Sunday-Friday. Saturday is our offical offday, and no major raids are planned on Fridays.
    -Able to fit out raiding times (19:00-23:30)
    -You must be prepared for raids, this means being there on time and having the right equipment, buffs, or reagents.
    -Have experience with raiding. Not a must, but helps to know what you're in for.
    -Dedicated and focused. Meaning you must be able to wipe on a boss, without moaning and whilst keeping focused.
    -Be able to comprehend instructions.
    -Adapt quickly to any encouters. Changing sheep targets ect
    -Must be able to take a joke- sensitive people need not apply.
    -Quite simply- know how to play your Class.
    -Have the time thats needed for end-game raiding. Reading up on encouter, gathering consumables for raids ect.

    Just as an off-note the Medallion of the Alliance trinket is a big help, as it's needed Archimonde, and Shadow-Ress is also a big help for fights in BT and Hyjal.

    Gear requirements vary from class to class, your gear needs to be able to withstand the encouters we do.

    We expect at the minimum T5.

    How to apply:

    Go to: www.eclipse-wow.net, follow the links to our recruitment forum and make an application using our template. For any other information you can do the follow; a) Contact Nightgobbie (me) ingame on Frostwhisper, or b) Send a pm to Nightgobbo (also me) on our guild forums.

    If I am not around. Spike, Theoron, Chilybomb, Dinjooh or Joelthebit can provide you with assistance.


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    Re: [A] Eclipse - Frostwhisper - 9/9 BT 5/5 Hyjal


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    Re: [A] Eclipse - Frostwhisper - 9/9 BT 5/5 Hyjal


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