ZERØ REBORN are looking for the following class´s:

- Paladin(Holy)
- Druid(Feral)/Druid(Resto)
- Shaman(Resto)
- Hunter
- Priest(Holy)/(Shadow)

We are a international guild, and we are asking from future players applications:

Stable connection and a high quality computer. If you have the tendency to disconnect, don't apply. It needs to be flawless. Don't apply unless you are absolutely confident that your computer is able to handle an intense raiding environment.

We only want players who have raided before. You should have done the vast majority of raiding content, both current and legacy. This should be well-documented within your application, and it helps if you expand on this and really show us that you've actually done these fights. What separates the great applications (and players we accept) from the bad is writing without omissions. Tell us in detail what your job was and how you helped your group to succeed. If you've made videos, these are also helpful to include as it is visual documentation of your ability.

You need to have good gear(t5), but preferable Mount Hyjal, Black Temple gear and Tier 6.

You need to be keyed to Mount Hyjal and Black Temple. If you are not attuned, we give preference to the ones that have 1 vial.

If you think you fill our requests, just go to www.zeroguild.net and make your apply.

GL, and be well.