Off-tank and Shadow Priest positions are now currently closed. Thank you to all who have shown interest over the last month or so. Many of your apps have been put on file in case another position opens in the near future.

Right now we seek to recruit 1 extremely well-geared and capable Warlock. Since it's not critical that we add another Warlock to our lineup, we can afford to be rather picky about the person we bring in. As such, if you wish to be part of our team, we require that you of course be attuned to both Mount Hyjal and Black Temple, and will have fully cleared both instances. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE.

In addition to the above, the qualified and stand-out Warlock applicant shall possess intimate knowledge of the class, including all viable endgame raiding talent specs and how to play them to the fullest. He or she shall know what the optimal gear, gem, and enchant selections for each spec are, and will have said gems and enchants in his/her gear. Speaking of gear, he/she will possess, at the minimum, 4 out of 5 T6 (no exceptions) and t6 or equivalent gear in most every other gear slot. The Warlock applicant shall, quite frankly, be among the best of the best, able to reach the highest degrees of both DPS and personal survivability. He or she will know how to clearly and concisely communicate to the rest of the raid when needed, know how and when to make smart decisions on the fly, and contribute to strategy discussions or those pertaining to class theorycrafting. He or she will be a very strong team player, and one who shows up to every raid fully prepared with consumables, even on farm content.

If you think you have what it takes, please submit your application along with WWS Reports for your current guild's FOUR most recent Hyjal and Black Temple clears in which you were a part of. NO EXCEPTIONS. If you don't have the reports, don't bother applying.

Here is our most recent Teron Gorefiend WWS parse, and what you'll be expected to able to hang with coming into Premonition: .

Thank you for your time and interest,