Hello everyone
Lost creW is a pve raiding guild on Genjuros eu , started on 1st september of 2006 from a group of players that were looking for a guild that will progress fast and venture into high end dungeons. Thing that we managed and we cleared mc , bwl , aq40 till cthun and we reached naxxramas after 1 month of our creation.

What do we need from you?

You like high end raiding and exploring new content

You must be a very active player and be able to raid 5days/week from 18.30 to 23.30

You have equip that meets our progress (atm t5 + at least )

You are a mature player that knows his class and you are able to play to the max your character

You must always come prepared for raids with pots / elixirs/flasks and food buffs

You are a clever player that learns the encounters fast but also you study new encounters by watching videos and reading strategy guides

Our guild progress is the following:
5/5 hyjal-9/9 black temple
All content cleared

Karazhan - Cleared and at farm status
Gruul's lair- Down and at farm status
Magtheridon's lair-Down and at farm status
serpentshrine cavern-Hydross-Lurker-Morogrim-Leotheras-Karathress -Vashj down and at farm status
Tempest keep - Void Reaver - Al'ar-Solarian-Kael Thas down and at farm status
Zul Aman - Cleared and at farm status
Mount hyjal - Rage winterchill- Anetheron-kaz'rogal down-azgalor down - archimonde down
Black temple - High Warlord Naj'entus-Supremus-Shade of Akama down-Teron Gorefiend down-Gurtrogg bloodboil down-essense of souls down-mother shahraz down-council down-Illidan down!

What we are currently recruiting:

1 protection warrior
1x Holy priest
1x Hunter
1xShadow priest
1xDps Warrior
1XResto druid

We will take into consideration only exceptional applications from good geared players. (tier 5 or equal gear) also Having Mount hyjal/ Black temple prequest or at least one of the vials is needed since we are progressing in bt/mh

applications from exceptional players are also taken into consideration
You can contact me in game(Im online with the name Werewolf (that is my main) or Bulldozer (that is my alt character). or you can just post your application to our website.
our web site is: http://www.rouskas.com

officer of Lost creW