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    Re: They nerfed shams and buffed

    Quote Originally Posted by Socronoss
    Why is everyone hating Warlocks when there is only 1 (ONE!) skilltree that is OP in PvP??

    As a Raid-Destro lock, I don't have much chance in BGs/Arenas (ok, I only have 150 resil but anyway). I wouldn't have a problem with equally skilled classes owning me, but a complete noob rogue that stuns me out of stealth, and keeps me stunned for 8k of my 12k life without ANY possibility to do anything (assuming insignia is on cd) followed by an 8 sek quasi immunity to all my attacks (cloak of lol) seems overpowered to me......

    So please stop whining about locks or at least have the decency to point out that it is aflli/sl/sl locks that you are talking about.

    locks are good as ua (with the right combo) in all arenas, and sl/sl is good in all arenas. both can be OP if used properly.

    regardless of arena venue warriors and mages have 1 spec, with minor variations on that spec. even the healing classes have multiple trees that are viable.

    also rogues own casters, very few people will argue with that at all.

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    Re: They nerfed shams and buffed

    Drain mana used to take a coefficient of your spell dmg, now it doesn't and its reduced by Resilience, but they upped the amount drained to balance it a little bit more. This is actually a nerf...

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    Re: They nerfed shams and buffed

    Well, the buff is turned back so....... whats the point of this thread???

    (+ i hope they've readded the increased by spelldmg :P)

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    Re: They nerfed shams and buffed

    yep mana drain is back to 200
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