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    Brutallus: How much raid-wide damage?

    Since Brutallus is a gear check, I'm hashing out some math for my raid group to determine how much healing we need to be able to put out in a 6 minute fight.

    Any guilds that have killed Brutallus, do you have a record of how much damage input was taken? And, how much by the three tanks?

    Frakir, Eredar

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    Re: Brutallus: How much raid-wide damage?

    we dropped down to 6 healers 2 holy pallies 1 holy priest 3 resto shaman.(4 shadow priest)/ split raid up in 2 groups 30 yards apart have ur tank center him between the 2 groups. put 1 tank standing on each group. bring 5 shamans to raid, 1 in each group and spam grounding.. no one will get the fire debuff this way and everyone is grouped up so chain heal can do its magic. have pallies and priest focus on tank while ur resto shammies are chain healing off the current tank. we gothim to 6% tonight with about 15 people who were going to kite him around but some idiot retard decided to kite him to the corner of the room where he despawns.. soo GG us it wouldnt have been a kill but at least we know we got the fight down. oh and yes his enrage will wipe ur entire raid in about 5-10 secs. extremely huge dps fight and must have all appropriate drums/dmg potions.

    <Nerve> - Chromaggus

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