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    2v2 ShS Rogue and S. Priest

    Hello everyone,

    Basically I was wondering if anyone can shed some light on this 2v2 pair. I'm currently 2v2ing with my friend (S. Priest) and we cant seem to get a strategy down. We are usually rated between 1500s-1560s and we can't seem to break this. Maybe it's a thing that most 2v2 pairs have to deal with (by thing I mean being able to work as a team and being comfortable in knowing that your partner knows what he should do), but I think it is just the pair.

    Right now our biggest problem is, like I mentioned earlier, strategy. This is what we do know:

    I sap the DPS and we burn the healer together, unless its a rogue and then we just wait for him to pop. If the DPS pops his trinket, my friend will fear and when that is up, i'll quickly blind and then we go back on healer. Should the my friend mana burn and dispel the healer eventhough he isn't disc?

    We sap one, usually not the clothie if there is one, and we burn the other. Pretty simple.

    So can anyone tell me some strats. It would be greatly appreciated.

    [enable flame/troll suit]

    P.S. Would charging the opposing team be a good strat?

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    Re: 2v2 ShS Rogue and S. Priest


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    Re: 2v2 ShS Rogue and S. Priest

    I play as SP in arena with friend rogue allmost up to 2k lost rateing nowdays... anyway..
    CC healer nuke dps , since sp/rogue is all about cc and burst dmg.

    If u play vs dps/dps u gotta choice what will go die faster example , rogue/frost mage, go for mage mass dispell him when he ib , etc and he is down los pet from locks kill it , go for lock cc rogue and such .

    Healer/dps as i mentioned above...CC healer = sap healer 1st do some dmg on dps as much as you can , afterwards when healer is out of fear , he will use trinket 99% when he does , silence, if dps survive just blind and thats it , hope i helped a bit since i am in rush here so ..

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    Re: 2v2 ShS Rogue and S. Priest


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    Re: 2v2 ShS Rogue and S. Priest

    played the combo for a long time in the past, let me give you some pointers.

    I suppose you know a lot of ways to CC, but if you cooperate you can make Sap a very good weapon.
    First off, always keep track of your opponents trinket, if they have used it, all your CC is ready to go, its best to use psychic scream to make them blow trinkets.
    I suppose you know about blind -> vanish -> sap? Well, use TS with your priest and you can time Psychic scream -> vanish -> sap too, hence, saving blind for later (or if its already used).

    As stated before, ALWAYS go for the DPS in a DPS/heal combo. The idea basically is that you shut down there DPS by heavy pressure and stunlocks, so you only take minor damage as the DPS is gonna have to focus o surviving (eg. warrior in defstance)

    There's a LOT of situations that I can go true now but not gonna right now :P if you wanna chat about the combo just contact me in game true my sig.

    Your combo is all about seemless CC, If your CC fails, or the other team outlasts the first fears and manages to trinket out of blind (which is a lifesaver), your probably screwed ;D

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    Re: 2v2 ShS Rogue and S. Priest

    healer/dps - cc healer nuke the dps. you can countless amounts of CC to make this ez mode.

    dps/dps - target the weaker dps (not always a clothie) but the one that can ignore/remove most of your abilities. for instance rogue/mage you would want the rogue, and CC the mage. even given evasion, cloak, vanish etc, the mage will just CS the priest and double ice block / kite while the rogue locks your priest down. if your priest has imp dispel you can mass dispel a pally or mage and may want to target them. but warriors or hunters or locks are easy targets.

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    Re: 2v2 ShS Rogue and S. Priest

    bump for more advice
    ty everyone

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