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    Swords in 2.4

    I haven't been on the PTR myself, but by what I've seen here it seems that a Dagger based spec would be loads more viable for a rogue over a sword specced rogue, any idea on how viable Swords will be in 2.4? It would suck to have to go Daggers on my rogue as I've been swords since level 18.

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    Re: Swords in 2.4

    stay swords, there are some very cute swords in the sunwell itself, going 108DPS etc. but I tihnk blizzard added a wide range of daggers cos there buffing mutilate SO hard, the +15% crit is definetly gonna be fookn' overpowered and will make the spec VERY viable in pve

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    Re: Swords in 2.4

    I won't never ever specc dagger again, as soon as I get a new pve mace I'll respecc mace again.
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    Re: Swords in 2.4

    I leveled swords to about 65, then went mace... never went back...

    I'm just annoyed that the PVP maces are pretty much the best I can get until Kael+ (without picking up Blacksmithing)... I just started raiding and want to go swords again... some new stuff would be nice to look forward to other than PVP swords which I'll probably end up getting...

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