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    MH/BT boss difficulty?

    Hello there,

    My guild currently just entered MH and I was wondering what progress to expect.

    We started with 20 new chars on our realm and leveled all up together to 70. On the way we recruited some others and lately got some from other realms. ATM our setup consists by 75% of chars who just recently (eg. this year) dinged 70. We cleared Kara in one week, ZA in 2, SSC in 3 and TK in 4. Although I love our fast progress, it comes with a price: alot of our people are still heavily Kara geared and absolutely not on the item standart of our progress.
    Now we killed the 1st 3 MH bosses on our first evening and I'm wondering if there will come some itemcheck-boss, somewhere where we will strugle. Till now we didn't need more then 2 weeks for each boss we did (well tbh only Kael took us 2 IDs on trys), so I'm curious when that will change!

    So could you maybe tell me if there is some itemcheck-boss and how the other bosses are compareable regarding their difficulty?

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    Re: MH/BT boss difficulty?

    If your good enough to kill Kael in kara gear you should be fun up to Archimonde in MH and RoS in BT

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    Re: MH/BT boss difficulty?

    If you healers aren't getting the gear some fights will be checks for ya.
    Naj and Bloodboil can tax your healers.
    Archi is a rough fight for everyone.
    Shaz you'll need the resist gear so you basicly need to spend X time in both to get enough hearts for your raid.
    RoS is one of the big checks. You need the DPS to punch through and the Healing as well.

    If you guys play smart, do your homework, and have the dedication you should be good.


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    Re: MH/BT boss difficulty?

    also need a Good DPS/Tank ;D

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    Re: MH/BT boss difficulty?

    Well, guys lets not remeber.. the chinease (spelling?) guild who where the 1st to clear content when it was realeased in china, (1 month to clear all of tbc or summing insane like that) where in a t3/t4 some t5/t6 dotted around randomly. I.e. gear doesnt matter to much in TBC. If you every player knows their class's well and knows how to PvE properly and along with fully buffing for everything, gear wont matter to much.

    Sure gear makes everything a lot easier, the more gear u have the easier "life" is. Archimonde isnt a gear check in the slightest. its a Moron check IMO.

    Najentus isnt too bad in terms of a DPS check, healing on it can be tough. Bloodboil is a tough cookie i guess in terms of healers mana. Nothing a decent raid setup + chaining mana pots, shouldnt be able to fix.

    For RoS, if your dps'ers arent in t5 / some t6 / random bt/mh items, it just basically means you cant miss an interupt/screw up deadens etc i.e. each and every raid memeber has to play perfectly.

    All im trying to say is for the most part Skill > Gear. Sure the gear makes all encounters easier/shorter (less chance to mess things up if the encounter doesnt take aslong), but theres no item in game that can replace Skill.

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    Re: MH/BT boss difficulty?

    Kael is like training for everything else, pretty much the cockblock for the rest of the game. If you can handle that, there shouldn't be any reason for you to not clear the rest of the game. Basically, the coordination and skill there will apply to every subsequent boss fight. If you think about it, Kael can be looked at as multiple fights within one fight, where everyone has a job to do, and has to be on top of whatever they are doing. In every fight in BT, save for perhaps Najentus and Supremus, you're going to have a set situation where there's going to be more than one thing going on, and that all scales up to Illidan, which is essentially like Kael but a different tactic, everyone is going to have their job.

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    Re: MH/BT boss difficulty?

    Imo illidan is easier than kael, pre nerf.

    Illidans a very progressive fight. (except phase 2)

    Phase one, tank spank virtually only parts of concern is the parasites (easily sorted) and the Movement position of the tank (easily sorted)

    Phase Two, just takes a few attempts for both tanks to get the gist of how the mechanics work.

    Phase Three, is the same as phase 2 with the added element of aggonising flames.

    Phase four (if u can really call it a phase) (demon stage) is not hard in the slightest, everyone get max range and spreds out the warlock "tank" does his thing with a few healers keeping him up. With proper spacing/distance from lolidan the shadowy demons arent a problem. if one/two are on the lock tank, u just need people to nuke them quick, everyone else should be far back.

    Back to phase 3 again for a bit.. yawn...

    Phase 5 is exactly the same as the, 1 + 3 with the added element of traps :X which arent exactly a problem unless they are in a crappy spot.

    I.e. its a progressive fight, once you understand Stage one and can get 25 people alive in Stage 2 a good few times so the tanks etc can learn the mechanics, its a walk in the park. Guilds get cockblocked @ phase 2, because its completly different from the rest of the stages.

    Where as kael, pre nerf was all over the shop... Phase 1 is like a mini game, only Capernian can cause any problems really, but then phase 2 is nothing like phase 1, completly different with new things to learn. Phase 3, is hardly like Phase 1 at all and well yer it bares no resemblence to phase 2. Same for P4 completly different. There is a lot of different aspects to learn and understand + you need to find strats that work for you as a guild, for each an every phase. Illidan is a very progressive fight which makes it easier than, kael which is just all over the shop.

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    Re: MH/BT boss difficulty?

    You won't have any real issues with gear unless your tanks don't have enough avoidance. At that point Bloodboil and Gorefiend might give you some annoying tank gib wipes.

    Otherwise you should be fine up to Mother. Which you will have to put in the time to get hearts and rep for crating the SR gear.

    Pretty much all the BT fights are entirely about execution, and the MH fights are about staying wake during the trash waves.

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    Re: MH/BT boss difficulty?

    i got on my healdruid T4 chest and legs, T5 shoulder, T6 helmet (yesterday ). before i had ZA Helmet, ZA bracer and waist. As a resto Druid 1800addheal a good enough to beat illidari council, as we did.
    ah yeah;: still got kara-prince-mace + heroic offhand and kara/gruul trinkets,neck.

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    Re: MH/BT boss difficulty?

    Blood boil will be tough on healers, teron/ROS will be tough on DPS, council will be tough on everyone.

    Hyjal will be tough on your dps/healers/tanks staying awake. Archimonde is the only really hard boss. Azgalore is the only other boss that i even remember his name.

    But yeah if you can beat kael you can basically beat everything.

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    Re: MH/BT boss difficulty?

    With the relaxed enrage timers you should really not encounter problems. Now i don't know how you distribute loot, but it would be wise to give tanks and your most active healers better gear than karazhan, but other than that gear is not really an issue. The tailoring gear for the damage classes is redicilous overpowered, i killed illidan in shadow weave set and serveral of our mages were using some tailoring items too. On IC you might want to use some pvp gear, but because it's more of a control fight than dps, it's really not a problem. RoS is imo the only real problem when it comes to dps, because that fight have no other options than nuke, all other fights have very forgiving enrage (after all the nerfs) timers so if you lack dps something else is wrong.

    And yeah ofc mother is a resistance check, but those hods are farmed rather fast nowadays, and if you are not a lonely raiding guild on the server you can probably buy some hods from more progressed guilds. I any case you only need 300 resistance and if you are really lacking hods, you can always spice up the sets with a green item and make sure to enchant everything.

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    Re: MH/BT boss difficulty?

    Quote Originally Posted by subeno
    BT/Hyjal < Kael pre-nerf.
    you needed really more dps for RoS in wow 2.2 , than for kael prenerf
    but since 2.3 brought mass dps chances to everyone, aggro chances to tanks, dispell range changes, free arena epix, RoS is no competition any longer

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    Re: MH/BT boss difficulty?

    you need to have your whole raid 9k+hp for naj.. or else it will cause bogus wipes.
    It's just a game.

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    Re: MH/BT boss difficulty?

    Personally Bt/MH are pretty easy once you've downed Kael/Vashj. The only fights that will probably give any hassle afterwards is ROS, which is basically just a gear check. Rest of it is survivability and common sence.
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    Re: MH/BT boss difficulty?

    agreed w/ the posters above, if you made it that far you can make it... hard bosses already poointed out, too.

    just wanted to add that the guild that first cleared BT in China did it in mainly t3 equip...
    No point mentioning these bats, I thought. The poor bastard will see them soon enough.

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    Re: MH/BT boss difficulty?

    Quote Originally Posted by Tearor
    just wanted to add that the guild that first cleared BT in China did it in mainly t3 equip...
    Come on people, once and for all stop talking such bull. They mainly were T5 equipped and they "cheated" (call it "clever use of game mechanics" or whatever) to get it done. 40 Man Raidgroup, 15 logged out, one dies and logs out, some fully buffed other one logs in. That T3 statement is just complete bull made up by non-chinese. The chinese stated that they put T3 on for the killshot because of the looks. And to be honest T3 is (for most classes) the, by far, best looking set there is, was and ever will be.

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