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    Raid Mod question

    My guild is currently running through MH / BT and we are running into situations where we Mass AoE down mobs on top of each other. Someone asked about an old guild he was in used a mod that would put an arrow above a dead mob that had master loot on it. Does anyone else know or use this mod. If so whats the name and where can I download it.


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    Re: Raid Mod question

    You mean put some raid mark on it? Ie: skull, triangle, orange? Yeah, that'll make sense and be nice thing. But what we do is set loot as "Group loot" for all trash in MH. And right before boss change it to Master

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    Re: Raid Mod question

    Marks disappear from dead mobs last time I checked. I mean, if you target the mob it will still have the icon on the frame, at least with some of my mods, but the mark won't be above it's head anymore etc.

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    Re: Raid Mod question

    He says that when they did mass pulls and AoE trash that they had a mod that would show them the location of master loot in a pile of dead mobs. either by an arrow or some icon or something. We are trying to track this mod down so if anyone has any ideas post here.

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    Re: Raid Mod question

    This type of thing could be useful for running people through lower level instances too. For instance, when I ran a friend through ST over and over for a twink we didn't loot anything but bosses to save time. If there was a mod that could somehow figure out which mobs had loot above the threshold on them you could loot only those mobs. Unfortunate, I don't think such a thing can be done.

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