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    [A-PvP-US] 1/6 Sunwell [JTP - Cho'gall] [UPDATED : 7/17/08]

    JTP is currently looking to make small additions to round out our current raiding roster. We are looking for those individuals who can consistently perform and can commit to a solid raiding schedule.

    Please note that these are serious Core Raiding spots, we are not recruiting people to have them ride the bench. If you can not meet the raiding requirements please do not apply *

    Updated 7/17/08*

    *Under geared ? NO PROBLEM !! Currently about 90% of the T6/MISC gear we get in Bt/Hyjal we disenchant. Therefore our minimal gear requirement has been lifted for a short period of time to bulk up our current raiding roster. If your performance and raid attendance meets our requirements you will be considered.*

    -Raiding Spot.

    Shaman - 2 (Enhancement)
    Mage - 2
    Druid - 1 (Feral)

    -Backup/Raiding Spot.

    Shaman -1 (Elemental) & ( Restoration)
    Warlock - 1
    Druid - 1 (Feral)
    Warrior - 1 (Protection)

    All other class's are welcome to apply, exceptional players will be considered.

    The following requirements must be met by all applicants:

    • You must maintain high raid attendance.
    • We raid Monday to Thursday (and sometimes Sunday), 7:00PM to 11:00PM server time(8:00PM to 12:00PM EST).
    • You must consistently show up to raids on time, prepared with ample consumables, having researched all relevant strategies.
    • Your gear (as well as gems and enchants) must be of suitable quality for Hyjal Summit and Black Temple content.

    URL: www.justprogaming.com

    Head over to our forums and register. Please follow directions only how-to properly apply..

    Feel free to contact Deadzone or Kez Ingame for further details..

    As always, exceptional applications from other classes are still welcome.

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    Re: [A-PvP-US] 1/6 Sunwell [JTP - Cho'gall] [UPDATED : 7/17/08]


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