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    1h enchant for kara/raiding

    hey we just started raiding as a guild (were close friends) and we got kara on farm, so soon we're going to be able to do other raids like gruul and ZA. A question is we have a fury warrior dps with glad weapons and i have 2 questions. Is there any weapons he should be replacing those with in kara like decapitator and what enchants should he have on both main and off?

    thanks for ur help guys

    edited: also war has around 1600-1700 unbuff ap. usually around 2600 around buff with his rampage/BS/paly buff

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    Re: 1h enchant for kara/raiding

    Executioner on the Mainhand
    Mongoose on the offhand

    My understanding is that it is important for the new WW stuff that both weapons are the same speed.

    The decapitator and spiteblade probably have higher top end damage than the S1 gladiator stuff. However their speeds are not the same. If either of those is the same speed as one of his gladiator weapon then just upgrade to one of those as a mainhand. Although he is probably fine with the gladiator stuff until whatever drops in ZA.

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