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    Re: 2.4 Changes final compilation [Beta]

    Quote Originally Posted by Kubba
    Well while doing the daily quests on the isle I found a Talasit (you know the rare blue gem) while pickpocketing

    All I found before the patch was sometimes a green gem, I don´t know if thats new, but that was the first time I found a blue gem in pockets.
    never had a blue gem, but green gems. Did a lot of pick pocketing when spinesever wasn't nerfed.

    The half cast time meta grants spell haste, it was known before.
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    Re: 2.4 Changes final compilation [Beta]

    Missing Rocket Boots Extreme Lite, they were added in 2.4 iirc

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    Re: 2.4 Changes final compilation [Beta]

    Did the purchase PVP items with PVE tokens made it to the patch?and if so where can u get it from?

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